Selecting The Best Antsy Pants™ AIO / AI2 Size For Your Child

The first decision you need to make before building your new Antsy Pants™ stash is what size to purchase. We've tried to make that easier by creating a cloth diaper with built-in size flexibility, with multiple stretch elements built right in. These features help Antsy Pants™ fit far longer than one clothing size would, with the S/M/L size range fitting children from just a few months of age up to around age 9 with only 3 sizes.

 Antsy Pants™ AIO / AI2
Antsy Pants™ AIO / AI2

Size Range: S / M / L

Size S Fits 15-30lbs.
Measurements after washing:
14" relaxed waist circumference
24" max stretched waist
12.5" relaxed side rise
16" max extended side rise

Purchase size S if your child wears up to size 2T clothing.

Size M Fits 30-45lbs.
Measurements after washing:
16" relaxed waist circumference
26" max stretched waist
14" relaxed side rise
19" max extended side rise

Purchase size M if your child wears from 3T to size 5 clothing.

Size L Fits 45-60lbs.
Measurements after washing:
18" relaxed waist circumference
28" max stretched waist
15.5" relaxed side rise
22" max extended side rise

Purchase size L if your child wears from size 6 to size 9 clothing.

If you need XL in this style contact us at   for a custom order.

The most important things to consider when selecting the right size for your Antsy Pants™ kid:

Measuring Your Child To Determine Size

If you are still unsure about the correct size of Antsy Pants™ to purchase for your child, taking a few of your child's measurements would be the next step. The three measurements you need are waist circumference, hip circumference and rise length.

The easiest way to be sure you get these two measurements in the right spot is to tie a ribbon or string around your child’s waist and use it as a guide for both measurements.
Waist circumference is measured around your child’s torso at the natural waist. This should be lower in the front (below the tummy) and higher in the back (at the small of the back).

Rise length is measured between the center front and center back points of the above waist circumference, passing between the legs and flat to the skin at the point where the leg joins the torso. For the most accurate fit possible, our sizing suggestions reflect this measurement taken without a diaper or other clothing on.  

Need more help? Send us your child's age, height, weight, measurements and clothing size and we will help determine those close calls. Our email is .