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For Happier Diapering, Easier Potty Training or Drier Nights, the Answer is Antsy Pants™!

 note: Just added new inventory in 3T/4T and size 5. All sizes in stock right now with more 2Ts and 5s now in sewing. In-stock orders are shipping quickly. Pre-orders will receive a projected ship date via email based on the production schedule.

 See our sizing page for help figuring out which Antsy Pants size is right for your child.


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_Antsy Pants™

For daytime diapering through active potty training

Add absorbency and use at night too.

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$24.99 per diaper

Extra absorbency for nap, night and heavy wetters
Extra Absorbency Inserts

Use Antsy Pants™ longer, even overnight, with inserts and boosters for the built-in pocket. Choose fabric and format.

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$4.99-6.49 each

GetAntsy.com Gift Certificates

Antsy Pants™ Gift Certificates

The perfect gift every time. Leave the choices to your loved one.

Send via email or print out yourself. Certificates are redeemed right here at GetAntsy.com.

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From $10 to $1000
in any amount desired.

Lease Antsy Pants Month-By-Month for just the time you need.
Potty Training Blitz

Antsy Pants™ on a monthly diapering budget! Same great diapers, lease instead of own.

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$29 monthly (and up)

Antsy Pants™ Dry Nights Lease

Dry Nights

Dry nights on a small monthly budget. Same great diapers, lease instead of own.

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Monthly fee: $21-25


Odor Remover Saves Diapers From Ruin

Odor Removing Laundry Aid

Diaper Stink can take the joy out of cloth diapering, but we found a strong and yet gentle, non-toxic laundry aid that really can solve the worst diaper stink easily.

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Add odor remover to your shopping cart

$14.99 per bottle

Add Antsy Pants Large™ to your shopping cart

Antsy Pants ™ in Large Sizes

Bigger sizes for bigger kids (45+lbs); bedwetters and delayed potty training.

Configure absorbency as needed for day or night use.

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$26.99 per diaper

Antsy Pants Naturals

Antsy Pants™ Naturals

For daytime diapering through active potty training with a soft, cozy viscose bamboo and organic cotton

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$26.99 per diaper

Potty Training e-book

Skills-Based Potty Training E-Book

Antsy Pants™ creator Renee Tice has compiled her very best potty training advice into a quick 39-page e-book to prepare parents of infants and toddlers for easier potty training.

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$14.99 instant download

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Want to learn more about Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers? Go to the Antsy Pants Intro.

Think Antsy Pants™ are right for you and your child, but just want to make sure? See our cost comparison versus using disposable training pants and check out our Guarantee.

If you have any additional questions about Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers, please check our design page or the Antsy Pants™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. There you will find information on Antsy Pants™ diapers' use, care, sizing and much more.