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Happier Diaper Changes for You and Your Child

Antsy Pants™ Alerts

Want to know more about our Antsy Pants™ Alerts before you sign up? Sounds good. I don't like to give up my email address randomly either.

Antsy Pants™ Alerts are intended to prepare you to help the little one (or ones) in your life transition from eliminating in diapers to using the potty. We'll talk about what potty training is, how it differs depending on the age and attitude of the child, and tell you what 
gear will make potty training easier on you.

I'm here to help. I'll send messages along that I hope will help you and your child make a low-stress transition from diapers to fully day potty trained on your own timeline, whether your child is starting at 10 months or 3 years.

Can I trust you with my email address?

Yes, absolutely. Our policy is no spam, ever. Fly Baby, LLC and GetAntsy.com will not send you a single email unless you have willingly given us your email address either by making a purchase at GetAntsy.com or by opting to receive email from us and then confirming your inclusion in the list by clicking the confirmation link that you receive by email. Even then, if you decide in the future that you don't want to receive email from us, it is simple to change your subscription by clicking a link at the bottom of any email.

How often will I receive Antsy Pants™ Alerts?

The tips themselves are sent as a series, one message per day at most. As part of your subscription we will also occasionally send special messages to tell you about something new that we think you'll be interested in.

To thank you for signing up and kick start potty training

As a free gift to you, our very own Potty-Ready Quiz is ready for you to download once your subscription to Antsy Pants™ Alerts is confirmed. Your first step toward preparing for potty training, or maybe getting it back on track, is determining how much difficulty you will likely encounter starting full-on potty training right now. You can use the results of the quiz to decide whether now is a good time to start potty training, or whether you might want to hold out awhile longer before you give it a shot.

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