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Red Antsy Pants™ With Package of 6Antsy Pants™ Are Good Value: Cost Comparison

Antsy Pants™ are not cheap, but we feel they are the best engineered cloth pull-up on the market. So, to show Antsy Pants' true value, we compared our packages to the cost of diapering your child in disposable pull-up training pants like Huggies Pull-Ups® and Pampers Easy Ups® until your child stays dry through the day and night.

For our calculations we made the assumption that your child is just starting day potty training. Other assumptions follow below the summary.

Antsy Pants™ Versus Disposable Training Pants
Antsy Pants™ versus Disposable Training Pants

To Summarize:

If your child is under 20 months odds are you can more than cut your total remaining diapering expense in half by purchasing a two-day stash of Antsy Pants™ now. That means you can wash every other day and save big too! We wouldn't recommend a one-day stash unless you are already doing laundry every day.

If your child has just turned 2 you'll likely save at least $150 versus using disposable training pants with the same two-day supply of Antsy Pants™ diapers. We'd still recommend getting a two-day stash of Antsy Pants™ so you don't have to do laundry every day.

If your child is 2 years old but not yet 2 1/2 you can decide which you want more, skip-a-day laundering with a two-day stash of Antsy Pants™ and come out roughly even on cost versus disposable training pants, or save money by purchasing just a one-day stash of Antsy Pants™ diapers.

If your child is 2 1/2 and your child is ready for "real" potty training, check out our Antsy Pants™ Potty Training Blitz Lease program! You can use top-quality Antsy Pants™ on your child just while getting the hang of making it to the potty on time and return them when you're done!

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 Assumptions Used In This Cost Comparison:

  1. Disposable training pant cost is set at $0.40 each.
  2. Child is just starting day potty training.
  3. Child wets or soils 6 diapers per day initially.
  4. Child goes through 3 diapers per day after beginning to "catch on".
  5. Child uses same diapering system at night.
  6. Child completes overnight potty training as of 3rd birthday.
    In reality, 40% of 3 year-olds are not yet dry through the night.
  7. Parent does not use a bootcamp-type forced accidents method of potty training before age 2 1/2.

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