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Happier Diaper Changes for You and Your Child

Antsy Pants™ Diaper Stuffed For Night UseAntsy Pants™  By Night

While they are perfect for daytime diapering and potty training,
Antsy Pants™ also work great for night.

The secret is in the pocket.

An easy-to-stuff side-opening pocket make Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers a snap to prepare for bedtime. You can experiment with the amount and configuration of inserts and boosters, or even use a small prefold inside the diaper's pocket. After months of serious browbeating back in Fall of 2010, we now have an even better standard synthetic-lined Antsy Pants™ that can hold up even to heavy wetting toddlers without overnight leaks! If you've had problems keeping bedding dry with other diaper brands, give Antsy Pants™ a try. Want to learn more about night wetting? 

Keep reading to see how to prepare Antsy Pants™ for use as overnight diapers.

"I purchased a standard package to use during my son’s (27 months) nap and at night. First, thanks to Renee for shipping them out Dec. 21…we received them on Christmas Eve and were eager to try them out!

This has absolutely solved my nighttime heavy wetter issue. We use the pull up with the Antsy Pants nighttime insert and it holds! I’ve tried other doublers and the Antsy Pants system is the only one that makes it consistently through the night – thank you!"

Kristy, Mommy to Lane, age 2

Because Antsy Pants™ pocket is narrower than other brands of pocket diapers, not all inserts you might already have may fit completely inside. For specific questions, please contact us directly. Standard-sized inserts may be stuffed in the space between the pocket and outer, accessed through the ends of the pocket.

If your child is almost night trained, you can use Antsy Pants™ as a back-up without an insert too. Since Antsy Pants™ don't look like "baby diapers" and they are comfortable, you shouldn't get toddler attitude about putting them on, either.

Here's how to prepare Antsy Pants™ for nighttime use with our very absorbent flat microfiber insert. For the hemp/cotton fleece inserts, skip the fold in half instruction and just fold it down to fit the width of the pocket:

First fold the night insert in half, then in thirds.

Fold the insert in halffold again in thirds

Just out of the dryer and open wide, pocket!

out of the dryeropen the pocket all the way

Lay the insert into the open pocket

lay on folded insert

Cover the insert with the pocket flap

cover the insert with the pocket flapinsert fully covered

Flip the diaper lining to the inside, making sure insert is still fully covered.

flip diaper lining to the inside

Just add toddler.

just add toddler

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