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See What a Difference Toddler Cloth Diapers Make. (Special Offer)

It's me, the Antsy Pants Mama, Renée Tice, and now that you know there *is* such a thing as toddler cloth diapers (crazy, I know), you're probably wondering how they are different from the cloth diapers you already have in your stash. I have to tell you, I absolutely want to help you answer that question. 

The easiest and best way to find out for yourself how very different Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers are for toddlers and big kids is by ordering a New To Antsy Pants™ Package. You'll get your first Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diaper in our all-time best selling Aqua Blue, in your choice of size S, M, or L, shipped free to your door, for $3 less than the standard price of just the diaper. That is 25% off, and only.

This special introductory package is strictly limited to one per family, and includes:
- One All-In-One (AIO) Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diaper in Aqua Blue with White easy-stretch sides ($23.99 value). Features a snap-fastening, easy-on-and-off pull-up waterproof diaper cover with a permanently-attached absorbent core made of cozy soft viscose bamboo and cotton.
- An Antsy Pants™ Stash Planner, with fabric swatches for most available Antsy Pants™ body colors, so you and your child can pick your favorites together. Also includes information to help plan your next Antsy Pants™ order and a special coupon code just for you.
- FREE USPS First Class Postage ($4.45 value) straight to your door, anywhere in the USA, including APO addresses.
For overnight or heavy wetter absorbency add a hemp/organic cotton trifold insert to your package for just $6.49 more; shipping is still free.

You just need to know a few things to get started with Antsy Pants™ today:

  1. What size New To Antsy Pants™ Package do you need? Today's Antsy Pants™ AIO/AI2 come in three sizes, S, M and L, to fit children apx. 15-60lbs wearing clothing sizes from 6 months to size 8.
  2. Will you use your Antsy Pants™ for daytime or night? If you will use them overnight or on a heavy wetter, make sure you have something on hand to add extra absorbency to your Antsy Pants™ under the absorbent core. If you don't already have an insert, add one to your order with the insert option.
  3. How do you want to pay? You can log into your PayPal or Amazon account, or pay with a credit card. Your total today will be between $20.99 and $28.48, depending on the options you select. If you want your Antsy Pants™ fast, you can upgrade to Priority Mail for just $4.50 extra. 

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FREE SHIPPING - Aqua Blue AIO Antsy Pants™ in your choice of S, M or L + Stash Planner and color swatch set.

Choose Size S, M or L from the dropdown menu below to fit your child 15-65lbs. Select the "Yes" button if you would like to add a Hemp/Cotton insert to your order, and click on the "Add to Cart" button to continue to the Antsy Pants™ shopping cart for to place your order. Easy Peasy! I look forward to having you join the Antsy Pants™ family!

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