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Happier Diaper Changes for You and Your Child

Why Choose Cloth Diapers for your older baby, toddler or bigger kid?

If you currently use disposable diapers or training pants for your child and are considering switching to reusable cloth diapers, you may be looking for information comparing your various diapering options. While there is a lot of information available on the Internet about this subject, much of it is specific to families with tiny infants, since that is the most common stage where new parents are researching diapering choices. If you have a child who is up and crawling or walking, your parenting reality is a bit different.

Articles to help you research switching to cloth diapers for your toddler or bigger kid:

Toddler Diapers That Teach Potty Skills

Can the right toddler diapers get your child out of diapers sooner? Don't risk keeping your child in diapers for up to a year longer than need be, just because you never thought about this.

Diaper Convenience Compared

Are disposable diapers really more convenient than reusable cloth diapers? Let's break it down here.

What Matters About Diapers

Did you ever stop to think what is important to you about the diapers you put on your child's tiny tush every single day? Here's a handy chart to help you out.

Cost Comparison

Maybe you know how much disposable diapers are costing you every week or month, but maybe you haven't really stopped to think about it, and maybe you haven't added up what the total cost will be to keep your child in disposable diapers for the next year or two. Here are some graphics you can use to spotlight this amazing benefit of cloth diapers over disposables.

Calculate Your Diaper Budget

Use this handy calculator to custom calculate the actual cost of disposable diapers every month for your child. Use it to convince your spouse that cloth diapers are a great choice for your family now!