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From Our Mail:

Faten, Mommy to 18 month old girl

Tad, Dad to a 12 year old boy

Megan, Mommy to 16 month old boy

From The Blogosphere:

Momvantage on Antsy Pants™"Easy on and off

This has been the biggest help. These trainers are easy as pie for E to put on and pull up and down by himself. He is one independent little guy, and gets very frustrated very fast when he can’t do something by himself. He has no problems getting these on, off, up or down, and it has lead (sic) to him taking the initiative to go sit on the potty. He doesn’t need my help, so he is going on when he has to, not just when I ask.

Plus, both sites (sic) feature three snaps. This is great for those number 2 accidents (which we are still having quite a few of!). It is so nice not having to pull a dirty trainer down – I can easily unsnap the sides to minimize the mess and make changing him so much easier."

See thewhole Momvantage review.


"One thing that I loved is that they're super cute and Tyler was still able to do all of his crazy child maneuvers in them and they stayed put. Of course the stinker pooped in them shortly after I tried them the first time (go figure) but they are designed for that so although it re-enforced that my decision not to cloth diaper was the right one for me (lol) it was not a big deal either.

I can tell that they are going to be invaluable once we start potty training "for real"."

Read thewhole Wyoming Girl Turned Coastie Wife review(and see adorable pics of Nicole's son in his Antsy Pants™).


DDLbutton"...I am really happy with this diaper. It has made potty learning easier when we know we are working on it. You can pull some traditional cloth diapers up and down but it isn't near as easy as this. Plus they look so cute on him I just love it!"

Watch theDirty Diaper Laundry video review and read the full review.


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From Betweenthekids.com:
"The awesome thing about the Antsy Pants cloth diapers is that they basically fit any body type.  The hip/waist elastic and side snapping makes them an adjustable and easy fit."

"These are actually the only cloth diapers that the boys will wear to bed...They do, however, fight over who gets what color if they’re still awake when it’s bedtime!"

 Read the whole post atBetween the Kids post.

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