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Happier Diaper Changes for You and Your Child

Sleeping boyDo You Have A Child Who Wets At Night?

It is very common for a child who is daytime potty trained still not to make it through the night without wetting. Genetics can play a large part, as can physiology and sleep patterns. Most children eventually grow out of it, but there is not much parents can do to influence when that will happen.

What Most Families Do To Take Care Of Night Wetting

Follow a schedule taking the child to the bathroom to minimize bedwetting.
Buy disposable night diapers every few weeks, over and over.
Commit to doing laundry and making the bed each time the child wets during the night, even if that is every day.

Of Course, There Is A Downside To These Usual Options

While some families do find creative ways to get their child to the potty at night, it often can wind up interrupting the child's sleep, or the parents', or both. Depending on the causes of the problem, this may only cut down on wetting instances, but not eliminate them completely.

Disposable overnight diapers become very expensive over time and create mountains of trash. Whether your child wets every night or only wets occasionally, if you use disposable training pants for overnight, you still have to throw away another pant each morning, regardless of whether it was "used". So one night accident every two weeks has a cost of $5.60 or more. Disposable overnight diapers cost roughly $0.50 apiece once your child weighs over 35lbs, so disposable overnight diapers for a year will run about $182.

No one really wants to strip beds and wash bedding every day, and no one wants to wake up in a wet bed either. It is like handing out a daily punishment for something that is outside of your child's control.

But There Is A Better Option To Keep Night-Wetting Children Comfortable And Bedding Clean:

Introducing Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers Optimized For Potty Training

Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers

While my original intent in creating the cloth diaper/training pant hybrid was for use in daytime potty training my then-toddler, I soon discovered that my invention lent itself perfectly to night diapering as well. I used Antsy Pants™ for both day and night on my daughter until she transitioned into undies full time at 27 months. Since then we have used Antsy Pants™ as our go-to night diapering solution.

Read on to see why Antsy Pants™ are perfect for night:

  • Customizable Absorbency - Antsy Pants™ have room for one or more night inserts in your choice of fibers to find the right balance between compactness and absorbency.
  • Wide Range of Sizes - These diapers are designed to fit comfortably on your child as he grows. There are sizes for most any child, from a few months of age all the way up to big kids (1T through size 11)
  • Easy Pull-Up Styling - Your child can pull Antsy Pants™ on standing up, just like they do their underwear.
  • Better for your child - No chemicals next to your child's sensitive skin, unlike disposables.
  • Better for the environment - These reusable diapers will cut your trash output greatly, and their care makes very little impact as well. They can be washed with your other laundry; no extra loads, just an extra pre-rinse.
  • Save money over disposable products - Invest once and cross diapers off your grocery bill for good. Want to know more? Check out our Cost Comparison.

Most cloth diapers are suited only for babies, not toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-aged kids. Antsy Pants™ unique pull-up design and wide size range makes them the perfect way to continue using cloth on a child who no longer fits into "one-size" cloth diapers, or the perfect way to end your family's addiction to disposable overnight diapers once and for all.

           Choose Your Best Antsy Pants™Build Your Antsy Pants™ Stash

What Antsy Pants™ really provide is a top-quality convenient, comfortable, leak-resistant reusable diaper that keeps your child's skin and bedding dry.

Here's what you can expect to receive when you place your order:

Antsy Pants TM Nighttime Package
  • Your own stash of reusable Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Diapers in fun colors, whether gender-specific or neutral. Customize the number of diapers in your package based on how often you will be laundering them.
  • One or more flat inserts for each diaper in your choice of microfiber or hemp/cotton fleece to prepare them for night-time diapering.
  • Full printed instructions for the diapers' use and care.
  • Our support during the whole time you are using the diapers, including our online FAQs and a toll-free customer service number.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed - Or Your Money Back 

Every day your child stays in disposable overnight diapers is another half pound of trash sent to the landfill.

Place your Antsy Pants™ order today and say goodbye to disposable diapers.

Let me tell you, no corners have been cut in the making of this premium product. Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers were engineered to perform to some pretty high standards (mine) and as such, the price tag may at first glance seem high.

Bear in mind, though, that this one-time purchase also replaces the ongoing expense of disposable diapers. One set can easily pay for itself in less than three months of use. More details on that here.

Don't you owe it to your child to take this step? It's simple to get your own stash of the best pull-up cloth diapers on the market. Just make sure you have your PayPal or credit card information on hand, click on the link below and follow the instructions on the Nighttime Package order page. Your Antsy Pants™ will be on their way to you in just a few business days. You'll be so glad you did.

To your night diapering success,

Renee J. Tice
Fly Baby, LLC 

           Choose Your Best Antsy Pants™Build Your Antsy Pants™ Stash 

P.S.- You can check out instructions and photos showing how to prepare Antsy Pants™ for night use here. If you still have questions about Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers, check our product detail page and online FAQs for answers. We also have a cost comparison between Antsy Pants™ and disposable training pants.

P.P.S.- Need Antsy Pants larger than a size 5? Check out Antsy Pants™ Large.

P.P.P.S.- We have a lease option for night diapering as well.