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Happier Diaper Changes for You and Your Child

Antsy Pants™ Versus All-In-One Diapers (AIOs)

What are AIOs like?

AIOs incorporate a waterproof or water-resistant outer layer with absorbent layers and usually a feel-dry layer toward the skin. The general shape of AIOs tends to be the same as pocket diapers, in an hourglass shape. Because there is no need to stuff after washing, AIOs are extremely convenient to use, just like a disposable diaper. Since there is no way to increase the absorbency of the diaper itself, the only way to add absorbency is to lay a "booster" that has another feel-dry layer on top of the diaper for nighttime use. Like pocket diapers, AIOs cannot be pulled on and off over the feet. AIOs also have the same fit limitations as pocket diapers, with leg elastic being pulled tightly around the circumference of the thigh in order to provide adequate leak-resistance. Because the absorbent layers are hidden inside the diaper, wash water cannot circulate freely throughout all of the layers of the diaper, so it can be more challenging to get them clean at each wash. AIOs tend to be just as bulky as pocket diapers, with the same difficulty fitting them under famous-maker clothing.

So how do Antsy Pants™ compare to AIO diapers?

Antsy Pants ™ combine AIOs' ease of use with better washability, the ability to modify absorbency within the diaper and pull-up functionality that is great for toddlers.

Antsy Pants™ are AIOs for day-time, but incorporate a pocket so its easy to make them more absorbent for a heavy wetter, for longer wear-time, or for nighttime use.

  • Antsy Pants™ are designed so that every layer of fabric is open to unobstructed contact with the wash water to get the absolute best cleaning possible.
  • Antsy Pants™ leg openings are shaped to come in close contact with your child's inner thighs without requiring tight elastic around the circumference of the thigh. This means a very good, leak-resistant fit without discomfort for your child.
  • Antsy Pants™ convenient soft-stretch side panels conform easily to fit your child whether s/he has chubby legs or bird legs.
  • Antsy Pants™ are very trim, with no extra bulk on the sides of the diapers. They fit more like a disposable diaper, so they go under famous-maker clothing with no problem.
  • Antsy Pants™ are designed specifically for toddlers, so you can change them on the go. Pull off over the feet, put the next one on the same way, over the feet. You always have the option to open the snap panels if you need to.

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