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Happier Diaper Changes for You and Your Child

The Antsy Pants™ The Antsy Pants™ Inspired by Nature; Antsy Pants Naturals™Inspired By Nature

Even if you've known about Antsy Pants™ for awhile, you may not know that there are actually two different versions of them available. The vast majority (the ones I seem to be out of stock on often) have a lining made from moisture managing technical fleece, to give it a wet-fading-to-dry feel each time your child wets.

The version I don't talk about so much has many of the same benefits as the original;

Easy diaper changes and potty trips with our exclusive convenient easy-stretch sides.
A pocket to hold extra absorbent material to keep heavier wetters dry longer.
Snap openings for whenever and whyever you might not want to change that diaper over your kiddo's feet.
Nothing to inhibit your child's learning process in working toward achieving daytime dryness.

The main difference, though, is that the lining is made of a super-soft, very absorbent viscose bamboo and organic cotton velour, with hemp/cotton absorbent layers. I call them Antsy Pants Naturals. The other difference, sometimes at least, is that I have a number of these cozy soft beauties in stock, ready to ship out.

Like always, All orders are fully refundable if you decide they aren't for you, even after you give them a try. One thing to keep in mind is that the lining on these diapers, since it is absorbent in itself, can allow moisture to wick out over time. It is recommended that you change diapers regularly to avoid leaks, and this is not the Antsy Pants™ version that you will want to use overnight, unless you will cover it with a soaker.

Antsy Pants Naturals - $26.99 per diaper

Click here to access to all in-stock Antsy Pants Naturals™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers in sizes 6-12mos (1T), 2T, 3T/4T and 5 on the Antsy Pants Hyena Cart.

While we do not currently have a 100% natural fiber version of Antsy Pants™, Antsy Pants Naturals™ replace the standard synthetic lining with velour made of bamboo rayon (a man-made cellulose fiber) and organic cotton. This lining is not feel-dry like the standard synthetic lining, and can be more prone to wicking than the original Antsy Pants™, but the velour has a true luxury feel to it and works well for day use on moderate wetters. Antsy Pants Naturals™ are recommended for children who have had rash problems with synthetic-lined reusable diapers.