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Prepare Yourself:
Potty Training Is Coming!

The Skills-Based Potty Training Approach
Downloadable E-Book by Renee Tice

I remember taking my then two and a half year old daughter to a popular park not far from our house in the spring of 2008. She had been out of diapers all winter and it was so nice being able to skip the bulky diaper bag every time we left the house. There were plenty of little kids at the park that day enjoying the beautiful weather we seem to get every March here in Oregon.  I could see the telltale signs of diapers and training pants under the clothes of the kids my daughter's age and even a year older. My kid didn't need them. I have to admit, I felt so proud of her that day. And, frankly, I felt proud of myself as well. After all, I helped her learn. We had her out of diapers at just 27 months and fairly reliably telling us when she needed to go potty months before that.

Whether you have a 2 month old or a 20 month old, if your child is in diapers today, potty training is somewhere in your parenting future. What's more, this could be your first child or your fifth and there may still be some confounding surprises in store for you. The truth is, if you're like most new mothers, you know next to nothing about teaching a small child to control his or her elimination. I know I was blindsided when my first daughter started telling us she needed to go potty at 18 months. I thought I still had a good six months to get ready for potty training! I wholeheartedly wish I had found a resource like this one to help me get my game plan together. At a minimum, we would have shaved four months off of the nine months it took before she was in Elmo underwear full-time.

You don't have to go into potty training blind. To say goodbye to daytime diapers in the shortest amount of time and with as little stress as possible for both you and your child, start by reading The Skills-based Potty Training Approach as far ahead of your child's second birthday as you can. If your little one hasn't yet turned one, now is still the best time to prepare yourself for one of the most complicated milestones your child will face in the first five years of life; achieving full potty independance.

The Skills-based Potty Training Approach helps smooth the bumpy patches by giving you advanced warning of where trouble may lie. We'll debunk some major potty training myths and misconceptions as well. 

Here's what's in the e-book:

  • An in-depth look at the child factors that add up to the real answer of whether your child will be a willing participant in potty training at this time. (Builds on the information in our Potty Ready Quiz, free when you sign up to receive Antsy Pants™ Alerts via email)
  • Three very important parent factors that will also influence your child's successful potty training.
  • The truth about the age at which your child could be ready to learn each of the 11 different potty skills required to become fully potty-independent during the day. (Prepare to be amazed by these; some you're underestimating, others you're way over)
  • The seven elements of potty training, which potty skills each element is useful for teaching and those which are even more effective when combined.
  • Tips for getting through potty training faster by rewarding the behaviors you want from your child and squelching the ones you don't.

Prepare now for what's to come, and you'll feel proud of how advanced your child is, achieving daytime dryness ahead of the other toddlers in your playgroup or daycare. Maybe you'll even share your secret with those kids' mothers. Click below and you can be reading in 5 minutes with this automatically-delivered potty training resource.

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About The Author

Renee Tice is Director at Fly Baby, LLC, Manufacturer of Antsy Pants™ and the business entity behind GetAntsy.com. Renee developed the design that became Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers to fill a need when her own child began potty training, and has enjoyed the process of bringing the design to market. Her observations on the factors that influence ease in potty training form one portion of a unique skills-based approach to stress-free potty training that can be used successfully with even very young children to promote early daytime dryness well before they exhibit the “signs of readiness” touted by most well-known potty training methods.

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