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The Antsy Pants™ Dry Nights Lease Program: Lease, Night Diaper, Return

The no-investment way to use Antsy Pants™ at night!If you are interested in using Antsy Pants™ just at night without making an investment of right around $90 to purchase a set outright, then how about Antsy Pants™ Dry Nights lease? Ditch disposable training pants at night and use your monthly diaper budget to lease three Antsy Pants™ with night inserts. Pre-rinse, then wash with your normal laundry every 3rd day.

Place your order today and within just a few days your temporary Antsy Pants™ stash will arrive at your home via USPS Priority Mail. You'll also receive the printed Antsy Pants™ How-To Guide.


Antsy Pants™ Dry Nights Lease Program
Current packages include 3 or 4 previously-washed and worn Antsy Pants™ Diapers in sizes S, 6-12mos (1T), 2T, M, 3T/4T, 5, L and 7, plus 3 excellent-condition night inserts in your choice of either microfiber terry or hemp/cotton fleece or terry.
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An initial $8.15 charge gets your lease started and covers the cost of shipping your temporary Antsy Pants™ stash to your doorstep. The first month's charge will go through 7 days later to allow for typical order handling and shipping times. After another 30 days, you will be billed for the amount of the monthly charge. This recurring monthly charge continues every 30 days until all diapers have been returned per the instructions in the original package. If you decide you would like to keep your Antsy Pants™ stash instead of returning it, do nothing and after you have made 5 automatic monthly payments, the diapers are yours to keep, use and hand down or sell as you like.

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Here's how to start your new lease:

  1. Select the number, size and color assortment you prefer from the dropdown menus above and Click the "Add To Cart" button. You will be taken to PayPal to complete your lease signup.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete your purchase with your preferred payment option; Discover, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal and add the required information.
  3. Click the "Submit Order" button.
  4. Wait for confirmation that your order has been completed. You will be returned to GetAntsy.com automatically.
  5. Check your email for a message from PayPal confirming your new lease.